Clonezilla ура! Замена Norton Ghost

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Norton Ghost отказался создавать образы для Linux разделов. Начинает и тут же заканчивает! Стал искать замену. Clonezilla пошла на ура.

  • Загрузил zip-архив здесь для USB flash drive or USB hard drive.
  • Создал Clonezilla Live. Для этого в Windows XP раскрыл архив на USB-флешке как корневой, открыл каталог utils\win32\ и запустил файл makeboot.bat. Инструкция здесь.


In Clonezilla live, two accounts are available: (1) account "user" with sudo privilege, password is "live", (2) administration account "root", no password. Therefore you can not login as root, the only way to get root privilege is to login as user, and run "sudo su -" to become root. Note, for old clonezilla live (naming is clonezilla-live-2007XXXX), root's password is "drbllive".

For better security, it is recommended to change the passwords of user and root by command "passwd" before you allow remote access. When Clonezilla live boots, the ssh service is NOT automatically started, and the setting in /etc/hosts.deny does NOT block any connection. If you want to remotely ssh login into your Clonezilla live, you have to start ssh service by "/etc/init.d/ssh start".

Авторам поклон! Steven Shiau, K. L. Huang, H. T. Wang, Ceasar Sun, Jazz Wang, Thomas Tsai

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